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Horn soloist

"The horn playing of William VerMeulen is miraculous!...clearly one of the superstars on the international brass scene." - In Tune Magazine

"William VerMeulen gave as sensational an account of Richard Strauss' demanding Horn Concerto No. 2 in E flat as one is apt to ever hear…VerMeulen tossed off the virtuosic arpeggiation with impeccable accuracy and spun out the more melodic passages with sensuous tonal beauty." - Savannah News-Press

"VerMeulen had us on the edges of our seats. We probably heard everything a horn can do…all in flawless technique. VerMeulen's confidence bestowed dignity and grace." - Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"VerMeulen possesses one of the keenest understandings of the differences among orchestral, chamber and solo playing." - Houston Chronicle

"...the French Horn performer William VerMeulen is one of the best I have ever heard. On an instrument that is notorious for flubbed notes, VerMeulen was absolutely perfect in everything, including the tough one, pitch." - San Mateo Daily Journal

William VerMeulen has delighted audiences on five continents over four decades with his poignant, expressive and virtuosic playing. Known for his extensive technique and vocal approach to horn playing, Mr. VerMeulen stands out at the forefront of American horn soloists.


His creative recitals and concerto appearances can be yours to book now...

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Solo Repertoire with Orchestra
  • Adler: Concerto (written for William VerMeulen)

  • Atterberg: Concerto

  • Bozza: En Foret

  • Bradshaw: Canticum Sacrum (written for William VerMeulen)

  • Broughton: Concerto for Horn (written for William VerMeulen)

  • Chabrier: Larghetto

  • Cherubini: Two Sonatas

  • Danzi: Concerto in E Flat

  • DiLorenzo: Phoenix Concerto (written for William VerMeulen)

  • Dukas: Villanelle

  • Forster: Concerto

  • Gliere: Concerto Op. 91

  • Graziani: Variations on Haydn's Theme

  • Haydn: Concerto No. 1

  • Haydn: Concerto No. 2

  • Haydn: Concerto in E Flat for Two Horns

  • Horner: Collage for Four Horns and Orchestra (commissioned by The Houston Symphony and the International Horn Society)

  • Hubler: Concerto for four horns and orchestra

  • Jalbert: Concerto (written for William VerMeulen)

  • Kayser, L.: Concerto

  • Mozart, L.: Concerto for Two Horns

  • Mozart, L.: Sinfonia de caccia for Four Horns and Strings

  • Mozart, W.: Concert Rondo K. 371

  • Mozart, W.: Concerto No. 1 K. 412

  • Mozart, W.: Concerto No. 2 K. 417

  • Mozart, W.: Concerto No. 3 K. 447

  • Mozart, W.: Concerto No. 4 K. 495

  • Rosetti: Concerto in E Flat No. 5 for Two Horns

  • Rossini: Cavatina " Una voce poco fa " from Barber of Seville

  • Saint-Saens: Morceau de Concert

  • Saint-Saens: Romance opus 36

  • Schumann: Adagio and Allegro

  • Schumann: Konzertstuck for Four Horns

  • Strauss, F.: Concerto op. 8

  • Strauss, R.: Concerto No. 1

  • Strauss, R.: Concerto No. 2

  • Telemann: Concerto in D

  • Telemann: Concerto in E Flat for Two Horns

  • Van Eechaute: Nachtpoema

  • Vinter: Hunter's Moon

  • Vivaldi: Concerto in F for Two Horns

  • Weber: Concertino opus 45

  • Williams, John: Concerto for Horn and Orchestra

  • Witt: Concerto for two horns

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